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Welcome to Real-Spice

Real Spice is a specialist online culinary store, bringing you the highest quality spices from around the world.
Our fantastic range of spices includes Indian Spices, Chinese Spices and hard-to-find World Spices to keep any chef very happy!
We guarantee a fast, efficient service where spices and spice containers are dispatched without delay for you to create that culinary masterpiece!

TRS Kalonji black onion seed - 100gr
TRS Ajwain Lovage Seed -100gr
TRS BULK Almond powder -5kg
TRS BULK Chilli Powder - 5kg
TRS Chilli Powder - 100G
TRS Crushed Chillies Chilli Flakes - 1..
TRS Cumin Powder [Ground jeera] - 100gr
TRS Cumin Seeds [whole jeera] -100gr
TRS Curry Leaves - 20gr
TRS Fennel Seeds Soonf Seeds-100gr
TRS Garam Masala Powder -100gr
TRS Garam Masala whole - 100gr
TRS garlic powder - 100gr
TRS Haldi Turmeric Powder -100gr
TRS Paprika Powder - 100gr
TRS Sesame Seeds Black - 100gr